About Us

John Smith's family settled in the Water Mill / Hayground area
back in the1640s. John has a true passion for farming and loves
sharing the farming experience with his three children. Aven, 14
years old, is named after his grandfather and uncle, whose last
name is Avens, and who were also farmers. Aven helps stock the
shelves, open and close the store. 12 year old Serene, who the
farm stand was named after, loves helping the customers and is
a fan of all the Serene Green produce. Skye, 11 years old, is
usually at the check out counter, helping customers. Skye also
has a passion for farming and likes to get her hands dirty. Laura,
devotes her time to her family and the farm stand, enjoys the
outdoors and keeping the farm stand stocked with fresh local
products and produce.
John and Laura Smith
with their three children
from left to right: Skye,
Aven and Serene.
    "This is about so much
    more than just us.

    We’re just a piece of it.

    It’s about farmers.

    It’s about filling a void
    in the community.

    We need this.

    We’re trying to restore
    the past.”

Photos from the past years...