Onsite Shopping
We are notw open for onsite safe shopping. All customers are required to
wear masks, hand sanitizer is available upon entrance and exit, and
gloves will be provided upon entry. There will be one entrance and one
exit. We will operate following the social distancing rules. The selection
of items includes fresh seafood, local produce and select pantry items.
Online ordering will be available only for the health compromised as we
will not have room to store all orders. Onsite shopping will offer more
choices in fruits and vegetables as the season progresses.

Online Orders for the Health Compromised
Now that we are open for onsite, safe shoping, we are asking that only the
health comprommised shop online, for example, if you are elderly and
can't get out of the house or if you are recovering from and illness and do
not feel safe shoping outdoors, we will fill your order. Due to limited
space now that we are open and operating outdoors, we can only handle a
minimal amount of orders. We are not accepting orders on Sundays. Once
your order is received there is a 1 to 2 day turnaround. Bring your own
bag. We will bring  your order out in a crate and you will pack at
designated stations. To place your online order email
When handling your orders, you can be
assured that our staff will be following guidelines from the CDC and local
health officials on healthy workplace habits. This includes making sure
surfaces and work areas are constantly being sanitized, as well as our
staff wearing masks and gloves.

Serene Green is one stop shopping for fresh and local
produce, seafood, baked goods, dairy, prepared foods &
pantry items!

Have you tried our Simply Serene line of products? Visit our Simply
Serene page to learn more about executive chef, Danielle Sepnieski and
her exclusive line of products, only available at Serene Green!

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Serene Green was established in 2010 and is open the week before
Memorial Day through the end of December.

It is our mission to provide the following to our community: fresh local
fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, grass fed bison, a variety of fresh
baked breads, cookies, pies as well as local honey, fresh flowers, pantry
items and local fresh dairy items.

In 2015  we introduced our Simply Serene line of prepared foods. This
exclusive line of products includes sauces, dips, soups, dinners, salads,
sides and more.

We take pride in serving our customers with a convenient, one-stop
shopping experience. We love to see the familiar faces of our community
and are excited to see new faces of customers who recently found us!

We look forward to serving you and becoming a part of your farm stand

farmer's market
local seafoodWHA

Drop Box Payment
available at Serene Green
Pieces .50¢

To inquire about a wood delivery
please text 631-566-6515
Gift cards are available in any

Please text 631.334.6311 for the
quickest response

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Laura Smith
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reheating our products or how to
prepare your soft shell crabs, heat a
chilled lobster and more!
Safe, Onsite Shopping,
Open Daily!

October: 9 to 6
November: 9 to 5:30
December: 9 to 5:30

Closing December 24th @ 1pm
We will be open for online
shoping over the winter.
eginning January 18th!