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Simply Serene

In 2015 we introduced our Simply Serene line of products which are created by
Executive Chef, Danielle Sepnieski. Danielle has over 25 years of experience in
the hospitality industry. She has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing
chefs in Arizona, North Carolina, Florida and right here in her hometown, Sag
Harbor. Danielle is thrilled to bring her vast experience and passion for food to
Serene Green and is very excited for the upcoming season!

Simply Serene offers over 200 products on a rotating basis that go hand and hand
with your one stop shopping experience. You will find marinades, salad dressings,
appetizers, soups, salads, sides, dips...the list goes on. Chef Danielle works with
farm fresh local produce to create this tempting line of prepared foods. She is
available on site Friday through Sunday afternoons, offering samples as well as
cooking tips with pairing our Simply Serene line of products with our fresh seafood
and produce, and coming soon, our own grass fed bison!

Some of the new products we will be offering this 2017 season are sweet potato
black bean burgers, vegan eggplant meatballs, grab and go-beach ready lettuce
and lavosh wraps, as well as her soon to be famous individual flourless chocolate

Chef Danielle has also been working on new recipes for our Skye Blue Pastures
grass fed bison, which we will introduce this summer season. With products such
as beer braised bison lettuce wraps, bison bolognese and a variety of sauces to
compliment both steaks and burgers, you will have endless lunch and dinner
Executive Chef,
Danielle Sepnieski
Creator of the Simply Serene
line of products